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The Faedra Group has development capabilities covering the entire vertical of the domestic and regional commercial and residential real estate segment. In the following article, we will look at the main groups of real estate asset classes that we have studied.

The Faedra Group has development capabilities covering the entire vertical of the domestic and regional commercial and residential real estate segment. The group has decades of experience in the real estate market and has implemented projects in various asset classes. Below we present the real estate asset classes studied and developed by Faedra Group and their importance from an investment and economic perspective.

1. Land Development

Land development is a fundamental step in real estate development, which involves buying the land, preparing the site, obtaining the necessary permits and building the infrastructure. This stage is crucial as it determines the future construction and development options. Site development should pay particular attention to local regulations, environmental standards and the future potential of the area.

From an investment point of view, land development can be higher risk, but with proper analysis and planning it can provide a significant return. A well-chosen site will increase the value of the property in the long term and provide a basis for further development. Investing in land development can be particularly attractive for those looking for long-term growth potential in the property market.

Land Development, Land Assembly

2. Industrial and Logistics Properties

Industrial and logistics real estate plays a key role in the functioning of the modern economy, ensuring the efficiency of production and supply chains. By developing logistics centres, warehouses and industrial parks, Faedra Group contributes to the economic development and competitiveness of the region. These properties are strategically located to optimise freight transport and reduce logistics costs.

From an investment point of view, industrial and logistics real estate is a stable and predictable source of income, especially through long-term leases. Growing e-commerce and globalisation will further increase the demand for this type of property, which could lead to long-term value appreciation. Investing in industrial and logistics real estate can be particularly attractive for investors looking for stable, long-term returns.

3. Retail Real Estate / Retail

Retail real estate, especially strip malls, plays a significant role in the life of urban communities. These shopping centres offer a variety of shops and services that are easily accessible to the local population. The Faedra Group aims to create retail units that offer not only shopping opportunities but also community experiences.

From an economic point of view, retail real estate plays an important role in stimulating the local economy, creating jobs and generating revenue. Retail real estate needs to be flexible enough to respond to, complement and support the real estate-specific challenges of changing consumer habits. Well-designed and strategically located retail properties continue to offer attractive investment opportunities.

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4. Office buildings / Office

Office building development is one of the most important asset classes in the real estate market. Office buildings not only provide jobs but also contribute to the development of urban infrastructure. Modern office buildings offer a high-quality working environment, taking into account sustainability and technology. These buildings often have a green rating, which makes them attractive to environmentally conscious tenants.

From an investment perspective, office buildings are a stable source of income, especially through long-term leases. Demand for business centres is growing, especially in large cities where companies are looking for a central location. Investing in office buildings provides investors with stable returns and property value growth over the long term.

5. Hotel Developments

Hotel development is a special segment of the real estate market that makes a significant contribution to boosting tourism and stimulating the local economy. Hotels not only provide accommodation, but also offer guests a range of services and experiences. Modern hotels often have conference rooms, wellness centres and restaurants to add to their appeal.

From an economic perspective, hotel developments can offer high returns, especially during peak tourist seasons. At the same time, the ability to innovate is of paramount importance in this segment due to constantly changing consumer demands. However, well-designed and executed hotel projects can provide long-term value and revenue, especially if the location and services are well chosen.

6. Residential Property Developments

In residential property development, Faedra Group creates homes that meet the requirements of modern living. The group aims to provide a liveable, sustainable and comfortable living environment for its customers. Developments will pay particular attention to creating community spaces and preserving green areas.

From an investment perspective, residential property offers a stable and long-term return. The growing urban population and the continued increase in demand for housing will ensure that residential property values increase over time. This segment of the real estate market is particularly attractive to long-term investors looking for assurances of stable growth and appreciation.

residential property

7. Other Real Estate Specific Asset Classes

PRS/Housing Sector

The rental sector is becoming increasingly important, especially for younger generations who prefer flexibility and mobility. The Faedra Group’s rental housing projects provide high quality and affordable housing options that can provide a stable source of income for investors in the long term.

Student Housing/Colleges

By developing dormitories and student accommodation, Faedra Group creates an environment that supports students’ learning and community life. Modern and well-equipped student accommodation ensures the comfort and security of young people, contributing to the diversification of the urban property market.

Senior Housing/Home for the Elderly

In the development of retirement homes, Faedra Group creates facilities that provide high quality care and comfort for the elderly. These properties provide long-term stability and continued demand as the needs of an ageing population continue to grow.

ESG Driven Developments/Napelempark

In ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) based development, Faedra Group implements projects that contribute to sustainability and environmental protection. Through the development of solar parks, the Group promotes the use of renewable energy sources and the reduction of the carbon footprint, which will provide long-term environmental and economic benefits.


The Faedra Group’s comprehensive real estate development portfolio encompasses different asset classes, all of which contribute to improving the quality of modern urban life. The Group is committed to sustainability and innovation, ensuring that all its projects deliver long-term value to communities.

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