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Warehouse rent and the conditions for renting logistics warehouses depend on a number of factors. This guide details the composition of warehouse rents, the considerations to take into account when renting and offers useful tips for potential tenants. Faedra Group, as one of the leading logistics property developers in Hungary, offers high quality warehouses and warehouses for rent.

Warehouse Rental Fee Composition

Hall Rental Fee

The warehouse rent is the basic rental cost, usually determined per square metre. For example, one offer for renting a hall is EUR 5,50 /m²/month + VAT. This amount includes the right to use the warehouse floor space, but excludes other costs such as operating and utility costs.

Office/Social Block Rent

Logistics halls often include office and social blocks, which require separate rentals. These areas provide the right working environment for administrative and other office tasks.

Operating Costs

Running costs include building maintenance, utilities (water, electricity, heating), insurance and other common costs. These are usually charged on a per square metre basis and are payable together with the rent. It is important that tenants are aware of these costs, as they can significantly increase the overall cost.


Taxes on warehouse rentals are typically local taxes that are assessed by regulators. These taxes are paid either directly by the user or indirectly through the service charge.

Other Expenses

The warehouse rental fee may also include other costs such as security services, garbage collection, parking fees and administration costs. It is worth knowing these items in detail before signing a contract to avoid unexpected expenses.

What to Consider When Renting a Warehouse


The location of the warehouse is a key consideration when renting. Transport links, proximity to motorways and railways can all affect logistics costs and efficiency. You should choose a location that is easily accessible for both suppliers and customers. The Faedra Group’s warehouses and logistics halls have an excellent location, making them the optimal choice for any business need.

Size and Design

Warehouse size and design are also important factors. Think about how much space you need and what special requirements you have (e.g. cold storage, high ceilings, loading ramps). Choosing the right size and design of warehouse can lead to cost efficiency in the long run. The Faedra Group offers flexible expansion options that allow you to expand your warehouses as required.

Terms of the Rental Contract

Careful study of the details of the rental contract is essential. Pay attention to the rental period, termination conditions, possible price increases and other obligations in the contract. It is worth taking legal advice to ensure that the terms of the contract are favourable to both parties. Faedra Group’s rental contracts are transparent and flexible, ensuring the best conditions for tenants.

Useful Tips for Potential Tenants

Market research

Conduct thorough market research on warehouse rental rates and conditions. Compare the different offers and take into account the hidden costs. Through the internet and real estate agencies, you can find a wealth of information to help you make the best decision. Faedra Group’s website and customer service provide detailed information on all available properties and rental opportunities.

Negotiation Options

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the rent and the terms of the contract. In many cases, there is the possibility to change the prices and conditions, especially if you sign a long-term rental contract. During negotiations, it is crucial that you communicate your needs and expectations clearly. Faedra Group’s experienced professionals help tenants to find the best conditions.

Warehouse Status

Before you sign a rental contract, check the condition of the warehouse carefully. Make sure that the building meets all safety and technical requirements and does not need major repairs or maintenance. Identifying potential problems in advance can help avoid inconveniences later. All Faedra Group warehouses and logistics halls are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure that tenants always receive the best quality.

Future Needs Assessment

Think about how well the warehouse meets the future needs of your business. Is it possible that the business will grow and need more storage space? By considering future expansion opportunities, you can make a cost-effective decision in the long term. Faedra Group’s warehouses offer flexible expansion options, so as your business grows, so can your property.


Warehouse rental rates and the conditions for renting logistics warehouses depend on a number of factors. Thorough market research, choosing the right location and design, and carefully studying the terms of the lease are essential for a successful rental. Faedra Group can help you find the most suitable warehouse and ensure a smooth rental process. If you need more information, please contact us or visit our website.

The Faedra Group is not only a developer, but also a reliable partner in the rental of logistics warehouses. With decades of experience and commitment, we ensure that our clients receive the best quality service


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