Land Development / Land Assembly

Land Development, Land Assembly
Land Development is the development of land, including planning, building infrastructure and obtaining the necessary permits.

Land Development and Land Assembly are key elements in the expansion of logistics infrastructure. These processes allow companies to secure optimal locations for new facilities.

What is Land Development and Land Assembly?

Land Development means land development and preparation, including planning, building infrastructure and obtaining the necessary permits. Land assembly or land consolidation involves the joining of land under different ownerships to allow for larger, connected real estate projects.

Benefits of Processes

Strategic Location

A key element of business success is the development of facilities in the right location. This location gives companies the opportunity to set up new plants, warehouses or distribution centres in strategic locations, which can significantly improve the efficiency of logistics networks and reduce operating costs. In selecting the location of new facilities, companies conduct comprehensive market research, including an analysis of demographics, transport links, labour market and local economic conditions. Taking all these factors into account is essential to ensure the long-term success of companies.

Value added

Good planning and project management are of paramount importance when developing land and property. Well-planned construction and development projects not only significantly increase the market value of the land chosen, but also enrich the environment, contributing to the long-term wealth growth of companies. In development projects, companies create infrastructure and buildings that meet market needs and future development plans. In addition, the value added of the project has a direct impact on the financial stability and growth potential of the company.

Challenges and Considerations during Land Assembly / Land Development

Legislative Framework

Land development is carried out within a strict legal framework that ensures environmental and social standards are met.

Working with local communities

Transparency and proactive communication with affected residents in the surrounding municipalities is of paramount importance in land development projects.

Land Development and Land Assembly at Faedra Group

Faedra Group and its partners have completed over 100 hectares of land preparation and transactions to date. We have the comprehensive expertise to support our partners in developing and implementing the most ideal solution.


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