Building a warehouse: everything you need to know

Raktár építés

Warehouse construction is key to logistics efficiency and business growth. This detailed guide takes the reader step-by-step through the warehouse construction process, from the preparatory phase to the start of operations. We focus on the latest technologies and design strategies. They can help maximise warehousing performance, improve handling efficiency and minimise operating costs. Proper planning […]

Joint Venture (JV) partnerships

Joint venture együttműködés

A joint venture is a business venture where two or more parties jointly invest resources in a project, sharing the risks and rewards.

Development Management

Development Management

Development Management involves the complete planning, management and supervision of a project, from concept development to full implementation.

Build to Own (BTO)

Build To Own

Under the BTO model, companies design properties for themselves, with the help of professional expert partner(s). The construction and implementation of these project(s) will be carried out either in-house or by a third party (typically a construction partner). And they use the property for their own purposes.

Speculative developments

Spekulatív fejlesztés

In speculative development, developers decide to invest in a new real estate project without any prior tenant or buyer agreements.

Build To Suit (BTS) developments

Build To Suit (BTS) fejlesztések

Build-To-Suit (BTS), or “build to suit”, is a unique property development solution that is created specifically to meet the tenant’s specific needs. This approach is important both for the logistics/warehousing sector, but is also an optimal alternative for industrial activities. BTS developments provide a tailored solution for both operational efficiency and site-specific needs. Faedra’s experience […]