Build To Suit (BTS) developments

Build To Suit (BTS) fejlesztések

Build-To-Suit (BTS), or “build to suit”, is a unique property development solution that is created specifically to meet the tenant’s specific needs. This approach is important both for the logistics/warehousing sector, but is also an optimal alternative for industrial activities. BTS developments provide a tailored solution for both operational efficiency and site-specific needs. Faedra’s experience to date covers all the areas involved, including the installation and/or provision of shelving or organisational equipment that is a key consideration in the warehousing function.

Build To Suit Developments Features

A logistics BTS project typically involves the creation of a warehousing or distribution centre that is fully adapted to the operational specificities of the company. This type of development allows companies to take full advantage of the benefits of space. Such advantages include proximity to infrastructure and optimisation of freight transport routes.


  • Customisation: the BTS gives tenants the opportunity to tailor the design of the building to their own operational requirements.
  • Cost-effectiveness: long-term cost savings are achieved because the building is tailored to the needs of the company from the start.
  • Optimisation: optimising location and building specifications improves logistics processes and reduces operational costs.

Steps of a BTS Project

  1. Needs assessment: the first step is to accurately assess the specific needs of the tenant.
  2. Site selection: the selection of the right location is key for integration into the logistics network.
  3. Design and Construction: during the design phase, plans are drawn up based on the tenant’s requirements, which are used to obtain planning permission and start the construction process.
  4. Handover and Start of Operations: once the building is completed, the tenant will take over the property and start operations.

Faedra Group provides a complete permit management service for its clients, obtaining building, occupancy and all other necessary permits.

Build To Suit and Sustainability

The BTS developments provide the opportunity to use the latest environmentally responsible construction technologies and materials. This not only reduces operating costs, but also minimises the environmental footprint.

Build-To-Suit developments in the logistics sector are key for those looking for customised, cost- and efficiency-optimised logistics solutions. Every step of the process, from design to operation, is based on the specific needs of the tenant, ensuring smooth business processes.


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